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Panoramas and 360° Virtual Tours

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 Panoramas and 360° Virtual Tours

Learn how to create 360° virtual tours with Color solutions (fish-eye panoramic heads, one-click 360° cameras, virtual tour software).

Step 1.

Use a panoramic head


to shoot the whole sphere from the exact same point

Step 2.

Create your virtual tour with Google Street View

Download Google Street View

You know these things also

Image Quality

  • 14 mp or larger (5,300 x 2,650 px)
  • 2:1 image aspect ratio
  • No gaps in image around horizon
  • No significant stitching errors
  • Adequate detail in light/dark areas
  • Sharpness: no motion blur, in focus
  • No distracting effects or filters


  • All connected 360 photos must maintain a clear line-of-sight
  • Try shooting at 1 meter spacing indoors and every 3m outdoors
  • To increase the chances that we can later connect to your content, extend your collection to a street

Get it and Create your own virtual tour


Create quality virtual tours by taking photos with a DSLR camera and fisheye lens mounted on a special panoramic head. Stitch your photos in Google Street View software and get a 360-degree photo which is rich in detail.

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